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NanoYaghoot Kish

Provide Children around the World with Vaccines Made in IRAN

Who We Are ?

Nano yaghoot kish ,a member of yaghoot Rooyan holding group established in 2013 , to establish businesses which is linked to biologicals and vaccines and medicines related to Nano technology and Liposomal one. It started to import Abraxane ,which is albumin bound Paclitaxol for cancer medicine ,and also Liposomal Doxorubicin from Schering plough ,USA. Also due to reason that Kish Island in Persian gulf is a free zone , so due to financial reasons ,it is established there but its office is in Tehran ,within its mother holding company Yaghood darou Holding. Due to appearance of new viruses and in recent years it has focused on Vaccines and biological ,and acquired Megen therapy


Our mission

NanoYaghoot ’s mission is to Supply Vaccines to Eliminate Human Diseases. 

Provide Iranian Children with Top Quality Vaccine

Provide Children around the World with Vaccines Made in IRAN


To achieve these objectives, NanoYaghoot focuses on research, development, manufacturing and marketing of human-use and animal-use vaccines. The Company also provides services for diseases control and prevention, collaborating with the IRAN governments at the national, state and local levels.





NanoYaghoot has a well-organized and experienced R&D team, which utilizes the innovative methods and technology, combined with government support to develop and market the top-quality personalized cellular vaccines to prevent and treatment infectious diseases.

Clinical Study Design

NanoYaghoot’s study design team includes experienced clinical researchers with a breadth of knowledge in many therapeutic areas which enables you to capitalize on our collective experience and meet the clinical goals of the project.  Partnering with you, we help determine the best course of action for your trial, with scientifically sound justifications and appropriate trial designs, ranging from simple single endpoint frequentist study designs to sophisticated Bayesian adaptive clinical trial design.

NanoYaghoot’s dedicated Consulting Services team has developed an extensive range of clinical trial design strategies for over 25 years.  From pre-clinical to post-approval, for both large and small companies, our teams of senior advisors have expertise and understanding of the complexities and nuances of clinical development for a regulated industry. Our consultants combine clinical understanding with regulatory requirements and expectations to develop the most effective clinical trial for clearance or approval and market adoption.

Board of Directors

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Managing director

Pharm.D  MBA Managing Director



Phd in economics and finance , Chairman Of The Board Of Directors

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Regulatory Affairs Manager